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23rd Aug 2017

This Sesame Street parody of Despacito will brighten your day

Keeley Ryan

It’s been the biggest song of the summer.

Sesame Street have made their own version of Despacito – and it’ll brighten your day.

The show released their parody of Luis Fons and Daddy Yankee’s hit earlier this week.

Ernie sings about his Rubber Duckie pal in spoof of the popular song, El Patito – the Spanish translation for rubber duck.

And while the original hit may have some more eyebrow raising lyrics, it looks like Ernie has taken the more child friendly route.

He sings:

“No matter where we go, you and I we both know

“We’re there for each other, so happy together. 

“You might even say we’re two birds of a feather…”

He’s joined in the video by Rosita and pal Bert in the two and half minute song.

Featured image via Sesame Street


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