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13th Apr 2023

INTO set to push for special allowances for teachers in big cities amid cost of living crisis

Ellen Fitzpatrick

The scheme is in place in London.

Primary teachers union INTO is set to push for a special allowance to be given to teachers working in cities to allow for the higher cost of living.

Delegates at the annual congress in Killarney instructed the union to negotiate with the Department of Education to give additional payments similar to those given in London to aid in the higher living costs, especially when it comes to rent.

The INTO has said that the housing crisis and higher cost of living has put more financial pressure on teachers as those living in bigger cities in Ireland pay more on rent, housing and childcare costs.

Teachers in London, as well as other key workers, are given an additional allowance to allow them to meet these extra costs.

Teachers working in London are given an additional between €7,500 and €1,500 annually, depending if they work in the inner London area or in outer London or its wider area.

These allowances are set in place to encourage key workers to take up jobs in the capital.

The INTO is now the first teacher union in Ireland to seek this allowance and it comes after there has been growing concern over teacher shortages in parts of the country where rents are much higher.

Dublin has produced many teachers due to third level course in the capital and newly qualified wanting to stay there for the first few years as teachers, but due to the housing crisis in Dublin, this has been more difficult.

Due to the housing crisis, primary schools have found it difficult to fill positions or find substitutes.

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