"Setting the record straight": Father shares details of yesterday's Dart ordeal 2 months ago

"Setting the record straight": Father shares details of yesterday's Dart ordeal

Absolutely shocking.

Yesterday many families were left trapped on packed and stifling hot Darts after a mishap on the line caused major delays.

One father, Jason Byrne shared his experience during which he says one of his children suffered a panic attack.

Jason Byrne/ Twitter


"Setting the record straight.

Terrible scenes today and it all falls on Iarnrod Éireann doorstep and then blaming passengers is just crazy!!!

Waiting for an hour in stifling heat (22 degrees outside) as you can imagine....the lovely packed trains that you put on for us were extremely hot with no air conditioning.

The train intercom was muffled and very hard to make out what was trying to be said, luckily we had a kind train driver who opened his door and explained as much as he could.

There was older people there that weren't looking well in that heat and sons/daughters concerned!

The two 18 month olds had to be stripped to their nappies and the 6 year old was hunched up in the corner having a panic attack."

"No parent in their right mind would want to get off a train and walk back to the nearest station but unfortunately we had to for the safety of our children, that might sound crazy but you weren't in those conditions.

Iarnord Eireann we were treated worse than a herd of cattle, we are your customers, we have children and babies to look out for and if we feel like you have let us down up to do point that we have to evacuate our children off a train by strangers passing down our babies!!!!

Well that's what we will do! THAT DECISION WASNT TAKEN LIGHTLY! We as caring parents totally reject your version of events as a PR stunt to escape your inadequacies of facilitating a large event."

Mr Byrne is just one of many Dart users who has voiced anger at the treatment of train goers yesterday, with many taking to social media platforms to share their outrage at the situation.