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06th Nov 2022

The extra section on shopping trolleys actually has a function

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Remembering this one.

Shopping trolleys are something we all use weekly, at least. But as it turns out, there is one part of the trolley we never knew had a function.

Sure why would we have ever even questioned it either?

A shocking revelation was made by a mum on TikTok after she discovered that her trolley could benefit her so much more than she thought.

Money Mum on TikTok, or Gemma Bird in real life, showed off how the two hoops at the front of the trolley in her video, asking: “Did you know what they were for?”

Showing off the handy half hoops on the end of your trolley, it turns out they can be used to prevent flowers, baguettes and other squashable items from being ruined by bulkier shopping.

@moneymumofficial Did you know this??? Let me know I’m in shock I didn’t ha ha #trolleys#foodshop ♬ Love songX – Song X

“Oh my God, is it just me or did you realise these existed on trolleys?” she added. “I’m still in shock!”

Clearly not the only one stunned by this discovery, thousands of TikTok users flocked to the post to share their surprise.

One joked: “I thought they were for wine.”

While another made the great suggestion to “A second, meanwhile, suggested a handy way to get the most of out of them, writing: “flip it round so its in the small section then put the flower etc in [sic].”

While the discovery is a great one, one TikTok user burst a lot of people’s bubbles when they said that the hack might not work for everyone as these types of trolleys are older ones and are quickly leaving our supermarkets.

But if you do find yourself with one, you know what to do.