"I am bawling": Síle Seoige opens up about being a mum after miscarriage heartache 1 year ago

"I am bawling": Síle Seoige opens up about being a mum after miscarriage heartache

Síle Seoige said she feels like "the luckiest woman" after welcoming her baby girl last month.

The proud mum opened up about how surreal and wonderful motherhood has felt.

Her baby girl Clíodhna recently turned one month old.

Alongside a clip of her daughter smiling, the mum wrote: "I can't put into words the love I feel but I am bawling (tears of joy) as I type this."

"I feel like the luckiest woman in the world," she gushed.

"My gorgeous daughter (I still have to pinch myself that she's here) is a month old today," Síle shared.

"Grá mo chroí thú," she added.


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Síle recently opened up about her postpartum delivery. The now mum-of-two said she is  "grateful" for her body.


"Even though physically I have seen better days, I am so proud and grateful for my body right now and the journey it has been on over the past number of years."

"From the birth of our son 4 years ago, 2 miscarriages, and then the birth of our baby girl 21 days ago, I am bursting with gratitude and I know how fortunate we are to be here," she shared.

"Postpartum is different for every woman and it depends on so many factors so please drop comparison especially here on Instagram as what you see is not always what you get!"

The mum reassured other mums that postpartum isn't supposed to be glamorous.

"It isn't freshly applied makeup and styled hair...it's bags under my eyes, leaky boobs, hair piled high, still in the maternity leggings because yes I still have a round belly after childbirth (which is totally normal) my hands are dry and I'm keeping dry shampoo companies in business."

Síle reminded new mums to look after themselves as well as their newborns.

"The thing is, postpartum is tough. It's brilliant and amazing but also tough at times and it's OK to acknowledge that."

She encouraged new mums to go easy on themselves as they adjust to this new chapter.