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12th Oct 2020

Simon Harris appeals to parents not to bring children trick or treating this year

Halloween is going to look very different this year.

With so many Halloween themed events being cancelled or going virtual, it has been generally assumed that trick or treating will be off the cards this year too.

As it stands though, there has been no out and out rule about whether trick or treating is allowed or safe to take part in this year.

Recently Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris appealed to parents not to bring their children trick or treating this Halloween in a bid to stop the rise in Covid-19 cases.

When speaking in relation to trick or treating on his social media accounts Minister Harris said;

“I’ve gotten lots of contact from lots of children asking about Halloween, and in the past when we’ve been blunt and honest with our kids they’ve responded with such resilience.

It’s been so tough for them, they’ve had communions cancelled, confirmations cancelled, schools closed, exams cancelled, graduations moving online and all sorts of different things.

In relation to Halloween, let me say this, it’s going to be different this year. It’s not a good idea to start trapesing around to everybody’s house but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time.”

While trick or treating will be sorely missed this year, I know my own children are very disappointed, there’s no reason we can’t celebrate Halloween in different ways.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about different things we can do with the kids at home this Halloween (all stuff that most Irish adults remember as being part of Halloween) so there’s no reason that kids can’t still have a blast this year.

While we’re all told to stay safe when celebrating Halloween, it’s usually in relation to bonfires and fireworks, but this year we also have to be wary of following the Covid safety guidelines.

While it is hard to give up Halloween events and trick or treating, hopefully by giving them up this year we can get back to normal next year.