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29th Sep 2019

This simple trick could help save your child’s life in a car collision

Mum shares car seat warning

We never want to think of the possibility that we may be involved in a traffic accident.

Even more so we don’t want to think of the possibility that our children might be in the back seat at the time. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents occur and when they do we want to make sure everyone is looked after as quickly as possible.

Emergency responders have begun calling on parents to do this one simple trick to help make their job a lot easier. It will take you only a couple of minutes to do and could potentially save your child’s life.

Firefighters are asking for parents to place a piece of paper or a sticker at the back of their child’s car seat with all of their emergency details.

This includes your child’s name, their date of birth, any medical conditions or allergies they have and any medication that they are taking.

Emergency responders have said that they have attended several crashes were the parents are unconscious and unable to give their child’s details to paramedics. In the case of your child needing to be treated, it is of the utmost importance that medics are aware of any allergies or conditions your child may have so that they can attend to them accordingly.

In a real-life situation, it could save precious time and even be life-saving.