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07th Feb 2022

Call The Midwife fans are worried this beloved character is leaving the show

Kat O'Connor

But we’re not ready to say goodbye!

Call The Midwife fans are worried a fan-favourite will be leaving the show.

After last night’s episode, viewers are now worried about Sister Monica Joan.

In Sunday’s episode, Sister Monica Joan meets a woman who can see into the future.

However, her visions bring bad news for those at Nonnatus House.

Mrs. Greengalgh offers to do a reading for Sister Monica Joan after she helped her.

But she is deeply troubled by what she sees.

She tells her, “I felt something, something unfortunate that will happen here, at Nonnatus House.”

Earlier in the episode, a raven gets into the building. Its presence leaves Sister Monica Joan in a state of panic as she fears it has a message for the sisters.

Many people believe a visit from a raven often means death or ill-omen.

Fans of the show are now worried she may die this season.

One fan wrote, “If sister Monica Joan dies I hope the BBC know that I am ready to fight at a moment’s notice.”

“I swear if sister Monica Joan dies in this series I might just sue for emotional damage. I’m still not over Barbara,” another added.

However, others believe the possible death will come as a huge shock.

According to actor Stephen McGann, the finale will be both shocking and emotional.

Fans of the show better have the tissues at the ready.

He said the twist is going to affect everyone in Poplar.

The actor, who plays Doctor Turner, told RadioTimes: “It’s big, it’s brilliant and it is a real challenge. And I think for people who watch the show, I think it’s a departure. It’s different. It’s ambitious.”

“Everybody, in their way, is affected by it,” he teased.