Mum slated for letting kids stay up late at sleepover- was she wrong? 1 year ago

Mum slated for letting kids stay up late at sleepover- was she wrong?

A mum has been called out after she let her daughter and her friends stay up late.

Her 8-year-old daughter attended a sleepover with some classmates but was less than impressed when she collected her little girl.

The mum explained that her daughter and her friends stayed up until 4.30 am.

She couldn't believe the other mother would let her stay up so late.

She told Mumsnet, "I just picked up my 8-year-old daughter from a sleepover at her friend from school's house and it turns out she and her friend were up until 4.30 am.

"The mum came into the room and said it was time to calm down and go to sleep at 4.30 am!"

"I'm really unhappy, in what world is letting 8-year-old girls stay awake till that time unaccompanied?"

The girl's mother was in her bed at the time.

"4.30 am is ridiculous and my daughter is knackered."


"I don't know whether to text the mum. She certainly won't be back there for a sleepover."

Was the other mum wrong?

Many users said kids are bound to stay up late at sleepovers and felt the other mother was overreacting.

"Did you ever go to stay at someone's house when you were 8 years old? This is completely normal when you are 8 years old and excited."

"The mum could have told them to pipe down every hour from 11 pm and it wouldn't have made any difference."

Another said, "It's no big deal. It was a one-off. Stop overreacting. Your daughter probably had loads of fun, even staying up past her bedtime."

"Don't be a fun sponge," one said.

Another pointed out, "It's that the whole idea of a sleepover? To stay awake as long as is humanly possible and spend a night of excited giggling?"