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14th Jan 2015

Sometimes it’s the little things…We’re supporting Childline as part of Electric Ireland’s Powering Kindness Week

All you need to do is something nice for someone


Random acts of kindness, don’t you just love them? Us too. And they’re happening right now, across the country, some big, some small. Yes, sometimes there’s no need to shout about them, but this month, we’re asking you to do just that as part of Electric Ireland’s Powering Kindness Week, which kicks off from January 17 – 23.

Shout as loud as you can, sing from the rooftops, but most importantly, tell us about your goodie-two-shoe deeds, even the teeniest acts you do at home with your kids (or them for you!), at work (tea for the team?), or on the streets to complete and utter strangers (go on, you know you want to). Why? To help raise funds for Childline, one of Ireland’s most important charities.

For the past three years Electric Ireland has been inviting the public to do acts of kindness, each good little deed converts to a donation to three leading Irish charities: ISPCC Childline, the Marie Keating Foundation and the Irish Heart Foundation. This year, the campaign will donate a whopping €130,000 to these super-worthy causes.

Did you know, Childline is Ireland’s only 24-hour support service dedicated to young people. Children call the centre when they have no one else to turn to or are in need of urgent help. And sometimes, it’s just to hear a friendly voice if they’re lonely. are right behind ISPCC Childline and we’re asking you to get as much kindness as possible logged in their name so they can come out on top of Electric Ireland’s Powering Kindness Week.

Make it fun, add a video or a pic of your deed, and get in touch using the hashtag #poweringkindness and tag @ISPCCChildline or log it on


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