Police told Sophie Russon's mum she was "probably out partying" 2 months ago

Police told Sophie Russon's mum she was "probably out partying"

Her daughter was trapped in the car for days.

The mother of Sophie Russon has spoken out after the devastating car crash that claimed the lives of her three friends.

The group of friends from Wales was missing for 46 hours before police found them. The car they were travelling in was involved in an accident and came off the A48 in Cardiff.

Eve Smith (21), Darcy Ross (21), and Rafel Jeanne (24) were all killed in the accident.

Sophie Russon and Shane Loughlin (32) survived the accident but weren't found until after midnight on March 6th.

Both Russon and Loughlin are in critical, but stable condition in hospital.

Russon's mother has slated police for taking so long to find her daughter.

Her mum revealed that Sophie was stuck in the car with her friend's bodies beside her.


She said she can't begin to imagine what her daughter went through.

She told the DailyMail;

"It's too awful to imagine what she went through trapped in the car in the dark until it got light and then dark again over two days.

"Sophie was lying there for all that time, they could all have been found much quicker if the police had started searching straight away."

When Ms. Anna Certowicz called the police about her daughter, they told her Sophie was "probably out partying".

Gwent Police are investigating the accident. They claimed to have followed "normal procedure" after the five friends went missing.

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