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16th Oct 2018

New measures could see speed limit on M50 to become slower to help with traffic

Olivia Hayes

The new measures were announced today.

If you’re a frequent driver on the M50, or have even just taken to the motorway every now and again then you will know that it can be absolute mayhem at times.

Of course, during rush hour traffic is the worst – but now it can be seen piling up as early as 3pm.

However, according to the The Times Irish Edition, new measures are to be set in place which will see different speed limits at different times of the say.

The change could see the potential of speed limits down to 60km/h, 80km/h and then back up to its standard 100km/h.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland announced the plans, explaining that it could help with traffic collisions and build up.

A spokesperson for the planners said: “Variable speed limits also help in reducing the stop-start actions of motorists when driving.”

The Department of Transport is currently looking at legislation to help Gardaí enforce this lower speed limit.