Public urged to stop using 'dangerous' tanning nasal spray 5 months ago

Public urged to stop using 'dangerous' tanning nasal spray

Doctors say trying the illegal spray is not worth the risk.

People have been urged to stop using nasal sprays that supposedly enhance their fake tan.

The nasal sprays have gone viral on TikTok in recent weeks, but experts have warned the public about how dangerous they are.

People believe the spray will help enhance their tan, but it is actually extremely harmful.

Doctors have warned the public against the spray as it can cause skin cancer.

Celebrities and influencers have praised the sprays. Videos of people using them have gained millions of views on TikToks, but doctors say they're not safe.

The artificial hormone is similar to the natural hormone in our bodies called melanocyte-stimulating hormone.

However, the lab-made hormone promises to stimulate the production of pigment. This can accelerate your tan.

As we get closer to the summer, the trend has grown in popularity, but medical experts have told people to avoid it.


These synthetic chemicals can increase melanoma, as well as other serious side effects.

The nasal sprays are affordable, which makes them extremely accessible, especially to teenagers.

A dermatologist has warned the public to steer clear of the cheap products as they can cause life-long damage.

There are concerns the spray will overstimulate skin cells which will increase your risk of skin cancer.

Dr. Emma Wedgeworth warned: "This could increase the risk of the most deadly type of skin cancer – melanoma."

She told The Daily Mail, "This has been reported with the use of melanotan, alongside dramatic changes in skin moles."

Doctors are particularly concerned about the ingredients included in the illegal spray.

They stressed that trying this trend to simply enhance your tan simply isn't worth the risk.