Stacey Solomon reveals the baby name she almost chose for daughter 10 months ago

Stacey Solomon reveals the baby name she almost chose for daughter

Stacey has yet to pick a name for her little girl.

Stacey Solomon has had quite a tricky time picking a name for her daughter.

The mum admitted that she and partner Joe Swash have yet to settle on a moniker for their baby girl.

Stacey, who shares life updates with her 5 million Instagram followers recently revealed one name she adored.

The mum said it was the name they almost chose until they realised what their daughter's initials would be.

Stacey revealed she adored the name Autumn.

"We loved the name Autumn but then we realised her initials would be ASS. So it helped us rule out all of the "A" names," the mum-of-four revealed.

The mum explained that they've whittled their list of potential names down.


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"There's a few we love so we are calling her those at the moment and seeing which one suits her the best. I know that probably sounds silly," Solomon revealed.

The parents may not have a name for their baby girl, but Stacey recently shared that her daughter is thriving.

She posted an update from the hospital over the weekend.

"It was weighing day today. I got really nervous... Rex's weight day he was down 14% and it was all a bit traumatic," she confessed.

"I worked myself up a bit today, but she's ok and well within the lines. So now my shoulders are finally down and I'm in bed."

"Rex is asleep next to me and I'm watching the sunset whilst watching her wake up and get ready for her nighttime feeding party."

"I'm ready with ten pints of water and a giant Dairy Milk Daim bar," Stacey joked.

The new mum gave birth to her daughter at her home Pickle Cottage on October 4th.

This is Solomon's first daughter, but her fourth child.

She is a mum to three sons- Zachary, Leighton, and Rex.