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20th Oct 2019

Stacey Solomon opens up about her relationship with Joe Swash and we can ALL relate

Olivia Hayes

Yep, we get it!

Stacey Solomon has opened up about her relationship with Joe Swash after they welcomed their newborn son, Rex.

She said that life can be busy when juggling a newborn, work and a relationship but has said that Joe is an “amazing” father.

However, speaking to Fabulous Magazine, the mum said that one minute she loves her partner and the next minute she hates him, which I think we can all relate to.

“I either love Joe more than I’ve ever loved him or I completely hate him – there’s no in-between.

“There’s no: ‘Oh, he’s all right today.’ It’s just love or hate. He says to me sometimes: ‘Why do you hate me so much?’ And I say: ‘I don’t! I don’t hate you. I just… hate you.’ Does that make sense?”

She added: “I do absolutely adore him. I watch the way he is, not just with Rex, but also with Zach and Leighton, and I love him so much it’s ridiculous.

“He’s such an incredible father – it’s the most attractive thing about him.


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“And it was hard for him at the beginning, cos I was in tears every day and he just wanted to help me. But he couldn’t do anything with the baby because I didn’t want him to.

“So he spent the first few weeks making me food, doing all the washing, taking the boys everywhere, and I look back and think he’s such a great partner.”

You just know Stacey and Joe will stick together through thick and thin.