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19th Apr 2023

Stacey Solomon returning to work two months after welcoming fifth child

Stacey Solomon has landed a job in Paris.

Stacey Solomon has revealed she is returning to work just two months after giving birth to her daughter Belle.

The mum confirmed she is ending her maternity leave after landing a job in Paris.

She explained to her followers that she is returning to work next week.

Stacey said she wants to get into good habits before she heads back.

“It’s easier at the moment because I’m on maternity leave, so I just feel like I’ve got time even though I’ve got all the kids and it is crazy manic, I’ve still got time.”

“When I’m at work it’s crazy manic plus ‘see you later I’m out the door’. If I can get into good habits now I feel like I can keep them up.”


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The mum gave birth to her fifth child, a daughter named Belle, in February.

Stacey recently spoke out about becoming a mum at 17.

Stacey may be one of the most popular parenting influencers, but she has been previously shamed for becoming a mum at a young age. She told her followers that she barely remembers her life before she became a mum.

“I do remember all of the looks I’d get & all of the things that people would say when they saw a “child raising a child”. I can’t believe I am now a mummy of 5.

“And all I can say is, not one of those judgments or opinions back then were true. No matter how real they felt I look at each of them now and I have never felt so proud.”

Stacey said her children are her “biggest blessings” in life. She also said they’re her greatest achievements.

The former X Factor star says raising them has been her “biggest privilege”.

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