Stacey Solomon reveals the painful reason she has been quiet on social media 11 months ago

Stacey Solomon reveals the painful reason she has been quiet on social media

It's so painful.

Stacey Solomon is a busy mum of four, and so it really is no wonder she sometimes has her hands much too full to have time for things like social media.

However, the 32-year-old recently clearly felt like she had to apologise to her followers for being so quiet on social media – even though she had a really good reason for her absence.

Taking to Instagram stories, Solomon says she had suffered from mastitis, and it got so painful she had to seek help from her GP after her boobs felt like they were ‘on fire.’

"Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I got mastitis and felt like my boobs were on fire. It’s been awful," the TV personality said.

Luckily, she got help and recovered quickly.

"After a few days of antibiotics, I honestly feel like a new person."

What is mastitis?

If you have ever suffered from it, you will know just how painful mastitis can be. The condition sees your breast become swollen, hot and painful, most often from a clogged milk duct, and happens most often in women who are breastfeeding. However, women who are not breastfeeding can still get it.



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Wedding planning

Solomon is not only a busy mum of young kids, she is also, of course, busy planning her dream wedding to her fiancé Joe Swash.

The pair, who are parents to three-year-old Rex and baby Rose, are getting married at home in Pickle Cottage this year, and Stacey has been keeping her social media followers in the loop when in comes to wedding plans and preparations.

Joe is also stepfather to Stacey’s eldest two sons, Zachary and Leighton. He has a son, Harry, from a previous relationship.

Stacey admits she was left ‘crying’ and ‘nervous’ during preparations for her big day, revealing the planning is taking its toll and that she somehow can't believe her wedding is getting so close.

"This morning I had to meet with the caterers, florists and everyone in between because I almost forgot we are getting married in three months’ time," she said.

"We are on the last part now, the aisle My whole stomach is turning over, and for some reason I’m so nervous."