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10th Mar 2017

Starbucks are bringing out new cups for spring and everyone is freaking out

Trine Jensen-Burke

If you ADORE Christmas time when Starbucks bring our their now well-known and much-loved red cups, you are going to have to prepare to lose it over their latest news.

Because – drum roll – as of next week, the coffee chain will offer their first-ever spring cups.

We know!

How perfect does spring cups sound – you know, for our Instagram feeds and all!

The adorable cups come in three colours, pastel blue, yellow, and green (all very appropriate for spring, I think you’ll agree) and some will even feature drawings inspired by the season.


Others will have a more minimalist design, meaning you can do your own doodling.

In a US press release, Starbucks said they are launching the cups on March 16th – the drawback? They are only here for a few days.

The company also reveals the reason for the launch, claiming “after the grey days of winter, there’s nothing quite like those first few bursts of colour that indicate the arrival of springtime.”

We could not agree more, Starbucks!