Mum rescued by kind woman after she was caught stealing nappies and milk 9 months ago

Mum rescued by kind woman after she was caught stealing nappies and milk

We need more people like this in the world.

A Good Samaritan rescued a mum who was trying to steal milk and nappies from Tesco.

The desperate woman stole milk and nappies from the supermarket, but one woman helped the mum out.

Sophie Marie Bennett revealed that she stepped in and paid for the items.

It was evident that the mum was struggling.

She wrote, "Just saw a woman getting caught stealing pampers and baby milk in Tesco. I paid for it.

"If you’re having to steal baby milk and Tesco brand pampers at 8:15 am, you defo had a hard night."


She said the woman was extremely emotional after her kind gesture.

"She cried, and just said thank you over and over again."

After Sophie's tweet went viral, thousands shared similar stories.

One woman said, "I caught a woman stealing hot dogs, buns, chips, and juice. I wasn’t about to send her to jail for trying to feed her family. She told me she had 3 kids at home and was a teacher. I let her go and paid for the groceries."

"As an ex-retail worker seeing mums stealing to help their families was so sad."

"Mothers tipping purses out to find pennies to cover milk and cereals and putting back the bananas broke my heart. Thank goodness for kind people."

"Community matters, give till it hurts," one said.

We couldn't agree more. This world would be a much better place if people were kinder.

Too many people are struggling to put food on the table, we all need to do our best to help support them. Selfless acts like this matter more than you realise.

We'll be making an active effort to be more like Sophie.