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26th Nov 2017

This is reason we leave out stockings for Santa Clause

A tradition in lots of houses.

Laura Holland

A tradition in lots of houses.

Every year, there are a few traditions around Christmas time that we keep up. You put up a tree, make a delicious roast turkey dinner and also leave out stockings so that Santa will give you some presents.

But, have you ever wondered why we leave out the stockings?

It involves an old story of St Nicholas of Myra, who was the inspiration for Santa, and a women who had three daughters.

According to The Sun, St Nicholas was travelling through a village when he heard about a woman who was struggling to pay for dowries for her three daughters. She was worried that they would never marry but she had too much pride to accept any charity donations.

So, St Nick decided to get money to them during the night by throwing sacks of coins down the chimney. The legend said that as he did it, the sacks landed in stockings that were hanging to dry by the fireplace.

When the family woke up they found the money.

This is where the other tradition of getting chocolate coins from Santa comes from too.