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16th Jul 2018

Summer isn’t over yet as temperatures are set to skyrocket again next weekend

Good news folks...

Rory Cashin

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As we enter what feels like month seventeen of this heatwave, we all thought we were reaching the end of it, didn’t we?

We’ve had actual rain this past week.

Actual consistent rain.

Along with it came the complaints about having the endure the rain, and already missing the sun…

Well, guess what?

Met Éireann are predicting that while the rest of the weekdays will indeed be full of clouds and rain, the weekend will see that red line in your thermometer start to climb rapidly northwards again.

During the week, it will be damp and clammy as the temperature remains around the high teens, but the weekend will see it get as high as 27 degrees, and most of the rain heading elsewhere.

This most likely means that the drought warnings, as well as the water restrictions, could be remaining in place for a good while yet.

We’ll just have to wait and see how long this latest heatwave is set to last.