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30th Jun 2017

Surf lessons are cheaper in Ireland than anywhere else in Europe

We're ahead of the curve.

Tony Cuddihy

It’s cheaper to get surf lessons in Ireland than anywhere else in Europe.

Now that the school summer holidays have kicked in, it’s time to start planning daytime activities that will tire your little messers out.

Surfing is one outdoor activity that isn’t affected by the typical Irish summer and it’s good news that surf lessons in Ireland are cheaper than anywhere else in Europe.

Ireland ranks 9th globally when it comes to learning how to surf, with lessons costing an average of just €32 each.

“Ireland is one of the best places to learn how to surf and it’s great to see it is also one of the least expensive,” said Nicky Kelly of, who compiled the Surf Lesson Price Index.

“There are beaches in Donegal, Mayo, Sligo, Clare, Cork, Kerry & Waterford that are great to learn on. People are choosing to surf in Ireland, and it is catching up on the more obvious surf destinations such as Portugal and France.”

Surfing has become massively popular over the last decade in particular, with Kelly’s analysed the average cost of a beginner’s surf lesson across 850 surf schools around the world.

To determine Ireland’s average surf lesson cost, studied 42 Irish surf schools regulated by the Irish Surfing Federation.

Ecuador has the lowest priced surf lesson in the World at €19 with Norway the most expensive at €112 per lesson.

If you’re stuck for something to occupy the kids during those the long LONG summer break, a surfing lesson might just be the ticket.