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31st Jan 2019

Survivors of the Tuam home want their DNA stored to help identify infants found

Melissa Carton

Survivors of the Tuam mother and baby home want their DNA to be kept on file.

They have asked for this to be done to help investigators identify the bodies of the infants found near the institution.

The remains of over 700 young children were found on the grounds of the home in County Galway.

Many elderly survivors of the home for un-wed mothers are afraid they might die before identification attempts begin.

Some survivors were related to babies that disappeared into the system and believe their siblings may be among the dead.

Others hope that even if they are not related to those found, that their DNA may help narrow down who the children might be.

These survivors are now asking for their DNA to be collected and stored as soon as possible.

According to the Irish Times The Tuam Home Survivors’ Network released a statement saying;

“Results from our ageing and in, some cases, frail membership, should be banked to eliminate any delay in returning human remains to identifiable relatives for dignified burials.”

The remains of almost 800 infants were discovered in a mass grave and activists including historian Catherine Corless have been fighting tirelessly to identify these children and finally give them a proper burial.