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14th Jul 2022

Children’s swimsuit recalled due to strangulation fears

Kat O'Connor

Parents have been told to keep the swimsuit out of children’s reach due to the risk of strangulation.

An urgent recall has been issued on a baby girl’s swimsuit due to strangulation fears.

The CCPC has urged parents to stop using the product immediately because of the extreme risks.

They stated: “The risk associated with the product is that of asphyxiation.

The two-piece swimsuit has leaves and a flamingo print.

“The article presents a risk of entrapment which could lead to strangulation or other injuries.”

Unfortunately, the brand and batch number are unknown, but the CCPC has shared a photo of the swimsuit in question.

“The brand is unknown. The type/number of the model is C03-5-3-2. The batch number is unknown. The barcode is unknown.”

They’re concerned people in the Republic of Ireland have purchased the product because it is available to buy online.

“Given the online availability of this product, it may have been sold to customers in the Republic of Ireland.”

Anyone who has purchased these products has been told to keep them out of reach of children.

The CCPC warned, “If you purchased one of these products, please discontinue use immediately.”

“The VOVA e-marketplace has ceased trading, and the product offer is also no longer accessible.”