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24th Jul 2020

Taoiseach has confirmed that all schools are to fully reopen next month

Melissa Carton

Just in.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has confirmed that all schools will reopen fully next month as planned.

Schools closed back in March with the intention to reopen during spring but due to the spread of COVID-19 have remained shut.

According to RTE the Taoiseach said that a comprehensive plan will be brought to Cabinet on Monday detailing a package of measures and resources that will be needed, and would be published after the meeting.

Many parents still felt left in limbo and unsure if schools would indeed open next month but Mr Martin confirmed that the plan was drawn up following intense consultation with unions and other interested parties, would be robust and resilient enough to ensure that schools stay open into the future.

It will include measures around the well-being of children who have been absent from classrooms for several months.

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As well as the above mentioned plan there will also be special measures for students with additional needs and plans for children and teachers with compromised immunity.

Speaking on the matter Taoiseach Martin said:

“The objective is that schools will be fully open, and to keep everyone safe.”

We will keep you updated as further information on the Taoiseach’s plans for reopening schools safely is revealed.