Taoiseach says rule on wearing facemasks does not apply to children under 13 9 months ago

Taoiseach says rule on wearing facemasks does not apply to children under 13

Restrictions surrounding COVID-19 are slowly easing.

Today Taoiseach Leo Varadkar made a speech discussing Phase One of the country's easing of restrictions that are due to begin next week, May 18.

This easing of restricions will include allowing some people to return to work, and small gatherings to occur outdoors.

Though some restrictions are lessening the Taoiseach has advised members of the public to wear facemasks when out, especially when using public transport or visiting busy stores.

That being said Mr Varadkar mentioned that while teenagers will also fall under the face covering rule, it will not be necessary for children under the age of 13 to wear a facemask.

Personally, as a parent I'm glad the rule doesn't apply to small children as my toddler won't keep a hat on her head let alone wear a facemask.


While many things were discussed during the latest broadcasted speech by Varadkar, there was no mention on whether or not families would still be expected to keep young children out of stores.

While not strictly a rule many supermarkets have asked parents not to bring their children with them, a struggle for single parents or those with no childcare options due to lockdown.

While many restrictions still remain in place one major change is that members of the public can now meet friends or family outdoors in groups of no more than four and also while remaining a safe distance apart.

This new rule will surely be a godsend to grandparents hoping to have a social distance chat with their grandchildren or even for older children and their friends.

There is currently no official date for the reopening of schools or childcare facilities but it is expected that they will remain closed until at least September.