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18th Sep 2017

Teacher builds Harry Potter themed classroom and it’s magical

This is amazing.

Jade Hayden

kyle hubler


Kyle Hubler is a school teacher from Oregon.

He’s also a massive Harry Potter fan. Like, massive. Like, you think you’re a big Potter fan? Take a look at this lad. He’d put you to shame.

And he has, thanks to the Harry Potter themed classroom he’s gone and built for his students.

And when we say Harry Potter themed, we don’t mean that he stuck a few posters of Rupert Grint on the walls and threw some glitter around.

No, we mean something more like this.

And this.

And this.

He even got a pensive, for god’s sake.

Kyle’s creation has received over 10,000 likes on Facebook (where he also shared all the photo of his classroom) and we are not at all surprised.

He’s also filmed himself doing a walkthrough of the space which you can watch here.

It can’t have been easy to put together this entire classroom, and we’re guessing that Kyle is a bit of a sound teacher for going to the effort.

There’s not that many out there who would go to these lengths for their students.

Or maybe Kyle did it all for himself.

Who can say for sure?

Either way, he’s certainly created a CLASS room.