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03rd Sep 2017

Teacher stunned after finding something unusual in student’s bag

It's been shared over 13,000 times so far

“They tell teachers to be prepared for anything…”

School books, a pencil case and maybe a snack for morning break are definitely among the items high on the list of must-haves in a backpack when going back to school.

But one teacher was left stumped when she found something very different in her student’s rucksack.

American first grade teacher Anna Kate Hood found two tiny kittens when she looked in her student’s rucksack one morning.

The student, who would likely be between the ages of 5 and 7, made sure to put food in the bag with the animals so that they were well fed during classes.

But when she was quizzed over why she brought her pets, the young girl explained that she wanted to be able to hug them.

The teacher explained in a Facebook post:

 “They tell teachers to be prepared for anything, but I was not ready to open a book bag this morning and find two kittens.

“My student said she even put food in there and wanted to keep them at her desk to cuddle with after she finished her work. Gotta love first grade.”

And the adorable tale clearly struck a chord with social media users.

The heartwarming post has been shared over 13,000 times so far, with more than 7,500 likes.

One person said:

“I don’t blame her. I’d want to do the same!”

Another added:

“Hey as a teacher I would have said let’s all take a little time to snuggle those babies!”

A different social media user chimed in:

“Precious! School would be so much fun with kittens to cuddle!