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17th Jun 2017

Teenage Grenfell Tower survivor sat exam hours after fire

She made her way to school in the clothes she escaped the fire in.

An incredibly mature decision.

The teenage girl who sat one of her GCSE exams hours after escaping the fire at Grenfell Tower in London has appeared on ITV’s This Morning to share her story.

Ines Alves was determined to sit the chemistry exam and went to school in the same clothes that she had fled the burning apartment block in, according to the Telegraph.

She told presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes that she didn’t want to miss the exam because she’s taking the subject at A Level.

“I want to take chemistry for my A-level, and I need good grades in my Science GCSE… and it’s my strongest science, so I thought it was worth doing it,” she said.

“My school and friends were really supportive. My friends brought in clothes and toiletries, everything I would need, and gave me money as well.”

Ines and her family were at home on the 13th floor of the building in North Kensington, London when the blaze broke out and managed to escape.

Meanwhile, tensions are rising in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Tensions rise in London in Grenfell Tower fire aftermath

Hundreds of protestors gathered at Kensington town hall and in locations across London yesterday evening, criticising the government’s response to the fire, reports the Guardian.

Scores of people remain homeless and there has been confusion over whether residents will be re-housed locally following mixed messages from the local council.

The death toll from the incident has been put at 30, though that is expected to rise to up to 70 as the search through the burned-out building continues.