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05th Jul 2024

Teenager who had been missing for months reunited with family after showing up on influencer’s livestream

Ryan Price

The 17-year-old was spotted on the stream by his brother.

A missing teenager who hadn’t been seen by his family in months has been reunited with his loved ones after he appeared on the livestream of a popular influencer.

Troy Coleman, from Mt. Morris Township, Michigan, was last seen boarding a bus in the nearby town of Flint on May 17.

His family immediately issued a missing persons appeal, and his Dad highlighted that his son suffers from hallucinations and requires medication that he didn’t take with him.

Several possible sightings of the teen were reported in May, but none came to fruition.

Then, on Tuesday, a person resembling Troy appeared on a livestream by the popular Twitch influencer Faze Lacy.

In the clip, Lacy can be seen speaking to camera when a topless individual wearing green shorts comes up to him and his partner Clix and starts chatting.

Troy shares a few jokes with the pair before moving on to converse with some people on another table and eventually, he moves out of sight and is not seen for the remainder of the stream.

Troy’s younger brother Trent apparently saw the video, and immediately confirmed that it was his missing brother.

He sent an email to the social media star and explained to him that his family believed Troy was dead, and that the sighting of him on the stream had renewed their sense of hope.

Lacy then posted a picture of Troy on X, along with the email sent to him by Trent.

He wrote: “Yesterday on stream he came up to me and Clix and now his family knows he is alive and in Miami. I wasn’t sure if i should make this public but I’m hoping somehow this helps him be found for his family.”

The following day, Lacy posted an update.

Troy had been found and was in the process of being returned to his family in Michigan.

Lacy wrote: “We got into contact with his brother and told him what hotel he said he was staying at on stream.

“He has been found and placed in a holding cell in Miami until he gets transferred back to Michigan with his family. The power of the internet is insane thank you guys.”

Many people took to X to share their delight at the good news.

One user wrote: “This is awesome. I’m so glad that this teenage boy Troy Coleman was found safe and alive.”

Another added: “Just so glad the family have got him back. I was really worried when I saw him on the stream he looked lost.”