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04th Jul 2022

Teenagers left in tears after abuse from protesters at Pride event in Mayo

Melissa Carton

Absolutely appalling.

Mayo Pride issued a statement yesterday after a Pride event aimed at young people and children was attacked by protesters.

The LGBTQ+ organisation says that teenagers visited the event were left in tears after abuse was yelled at them.

Mayo Pride shared this statement in which they say they refuse to be intimidated and will continue to organise events for those in the LGBTQ+ community;

“Our Drag Storytime was targeted by far-right protesters on Saturday. Mayo Pride and Tertulia Bookshop were informed earlier in the week about far-right online groups who were planning to disrupt the event.

Both Mayo Pride and Tertulia were subjected to violent threats and harassment.

At the event itself, protesters behaved abusively towards LGBTQ+ teenagers, with some left in tears.

Mayo Pride does not receive commercial funding and is run completely by hard-working volunteers.

The harassment we received was scary. It was intended to stop us promoting and building an inclusive society.

Mayo Pride will not be intimidated. We will run a full schedule of events again next year. If you’d like to support us, please donate now and share to get the word out!”

Bookshop Tertulia, who received abuse in the days coming up to the event as well consulted local Gardaí, who urged them not to be deterred and that a Garda would be present at the shop on the day.

Several videos have circulated on social media of the protest causing outrage that in 2022 the LGBTQ+ community are still having to defend themselves for simply hosting a Pride event.

To fight back Mayo Pride have already set up a Go Fund Me page to start fundraising for Pride 2023, to make sure that not only does it go ahead but that there it will be even bigger and better than this year.