Teenagers set to protest outside Facebook HQ tomorrow over harm caused by social media 1 year ago

Teenagers set to protest outside Facebook HQ tomorrow over harm caused by social media

They feel more could be done to protect young people like themselves.

Over the years there has been much controversy regarding the role that social media plays in the mental health of young people.

Many have argued that the filters and images displayed across different social media platforms are causing young people unnecessary anxiety, depression and even leading to eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

While as parents we foot the responsibility on our end to make sure we check what are children are looking at online, adults and teenagers alike feel that the social media platforms themselves have a duty of care too and that they are not always holding up their end.

Tomorrow, a group of teenagers will protest at Facebook's Headquarters in Dublin.

According to the group the tech giant allegedly hid research and profited from the mental harm inflicted on teenagers, which they say has been caused by Instagram algorithmic amplification.

The group of protesters will walk from Facebook's HQ to Dáil Eireann where they will hand in an Open Letter calling on Minister Catherine Martin and Minister for State Robert Troy to lead on stronger rules on social media corporations.


The protesters plan to be dressed in full face masks depicting Instagram filters which alter the shapes of the face.

One person will be in a cage, wearing a bodysuit which alters the shape of their body and a filter mask.

They also intend to hold up a placard reading “Face up to Facebook, Minister Catherine Martin”.

Those attending the protest will begin their protest outside Facebook HQ, 4 Grand Canal Square at 12pm, where they will then walk to Leinster House, Kildare St, Dublin 1.

At the time of publication of this article Facebook has made no statement regarding the planned protest outside of their Dublin HQ.