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08th Oct 2017

The Teletubbies are recording a new studio album… for real

We'll say Eh-oh to this.

Jade Hayden


The comeback of the decade.

Where were you when the Teletubbies dropped their iconic banger, Say Eh-oh?

That was back in 1997, and understandably, the song became an instant hit with children and parents alike flocking to their local Golden Discs to pick up a copy of the tune.

Well, a mere 20 years later and the Teletubbies have only gone and announced that they’re hitting up the recording studio again.

And this time they’re releasing an album.


According to The Sun, the record will be called Big Hugs (nah sorry, but that’s just too adorable), and will hopefully introduce everyone’s favourite… whatever the Teletubbies are… to a whole new generation of kids.

There will be 19 songs on the album including a mix of new songs from the show’s latest series and some classic tunes everyone’s familiar with.

Back in the ’90s, Say Eh-oh went all the way to Christmas number 1.

But that was the ’90s and it does appear that our tolerance for novelty songs has dipped ever so slightly since that time.

Still though, it’s the Teletubbies, and who doesn’t have time for them?

Big Hugs is set to drop this Friday.