Temperatures set to drop by a massive 10C by this weekend 4 years ago

Temperatures set to drop by a massive 10C by this weekend

Parts of the country can also expect "heavy and consistent rain"... which might actually be good news.

Every time we think this heatwave is over, another wave of heat (we understand science, obviously) hits us again, and we have another fantastic night of sweaty sleeplessness.

However, and we say this with hope because we can probably all agree we're REALLY done with it by now, it does look like it might legit be coming to an end.

There is a rain and wind and a massively lowered temperature set on the way, but before then, things are set to stay pretty warm, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, as Met Eireann are predicting the heat to get up to around 25C mid-week.

However, following on from that, the UK Met Office have predicted that Ireland will get the edge of a jet-stream that will drop temperatures immensely, as well as bring some heavy rains, but will do very little to help the current heatwave that has been causing some major problems for most of England:


Additionally, according to Midland Weather Channel:

"Present indications suggest that for the first time in almost two months we are set to see a spell of heavy rain on a widespread basis. The forecast rain is expected to occur through Thursday afternoon, with the heaviest totals likely over the western half of the Midlands.

"In the meantime however conditions will remain rather dry, though overcast at times, and staying rather muggy throughout with temperatures ranging between 17-22C in the west, and between 21-25C over eastern areas.

"The aforementioned cold front on Thursday will introduce somewhat fresher air, before a return to more humid and overcast conditions on Saturday, where further outbreaks of rain seem likely."