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14th Feb 2017

These are the ten best countries to raise your kids

Amanda Cassidy

We all want our best for our kids.

So now we may have to move… country.

A recent survey carried out by InterNations has listed the top ten countries to raise children and Finland comes out on top. Bottom of the pile is Brazil, just one below Saudi Arabia.

The Family life Index is part of a giant research project around the quality of expat life examining 45 countries on things like; availability of childcare and education, costs of childcare, quality of education and family well-being.

Although it is worth noting that this poll relates to the quality of life for families living overseas and as Ireland is not as popular a destination for expats  – that’s why it doesn’t feature.

Here are the top ten:

1. Finland
2. Czech Republic
3. Israel
4. Austria
5. Sweden
6. Norway
7. Australia
8. Taiwan
9. Belgium
10. Germany

Finland has jumped to the top of the list from second last time the survey was done (2015) while the Czech republic features on the top ten for the first time – it did well on the family well-being part of the questionnaire but there are still some concerns over the quality of the education.

Israel has performed well for the second year running – it is ranked first for kids health and families are made feel very welcome. The negatives are safety and family life in general which only rank 25th and 29th respectively

Sweden dropped from third to fifth based on lower educational standards than the previous survey.

Family Life Index 2016

We may be biased but we think if Ireland featured it would be top of the list!