Terrie McEvoy hits back at mum-shamer over "rude" bonding remark 1 year ago

Terrie McEvoy hits back at mum-shamer over "rude" bonding remark

The mum stressed that she has been bonding with her daughter

Terrie McEvoy has hit back at rude comments about her parenting.

The new mum was taking part in a Q&A when someone questioned how much time she's been spending with her baby girl.

A follower asked the influencer, “Are you planning on taking some maternity leave to bond and enjoy your newborn?”

Terrie was understandably hurt and angered by the question.

After all, working mums can have perfectly healthy relationships and strong bonds with their kids. Working doesn't make them any less of a parent.

McEvoy clapped back at the rude question.

"I have been bonding and enjoying my baby girl since the moment she arrived."

She added, "How rude."


The mum explained that she works when her daughter Sydney is resting.

“I work when she sleeps," she stressed.

"I feel absolutely blessed that I’ve been able to manage and balance everything so well," she continued.

“If I felt I was struggling I would of course stop but right now I’m enjoying every minute of the life that I’ve built/am building," the proud mum added.

Terrie gave birth to her beautiful baby girl in November.

She decided to call her little girl Sydney Tina Fitzpatrick.

The mum recently shared that she is loving motherhood so far. She told her followers, "Enjoying every minute of this newborn bubble."

"Watching us both become parents to our beautiful daughter Sydney has been my favourite adventure so far!" she gushed.