The animals at Tayto Park are enjoying cool treats in the sun and it's just adorable 4 years ago

The animals at Tayto Park are enjoying cool treats in the sun and it's just adorable

This heatwave has us all melted.

I know, I know I'm not supposed to complain because we rarely ever get to be the sunny country and most days it's lovely. It's the days when you're stuck indoors with no fan that it becomes a problem.

Down at Tayto Park, they noticed their animals were getting a bit hot under the collar too and decided to help them with some tasty cold treats.

The photos that have come out of this idea are the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.

The park keepers at theme park located in Ashbourne, Co. Meath are ensuring that all animals are kept cool during the heatwave by providing them with lots of tasty chilled goodies.

These adorable furry pals have been enjoying cool down treats of frozen fresh fruit and fruit skewers. Wouldn't mind of few of those myself.

Fruits are a great way for animals to absorb extra water and keep them hydrated during the heatwave so if you have any pets at home you may want to make them some of these chilled treats.


The park has a widely diverse collection of animals and this season welcomed a variety of new animals including six rare monkeys and critically endangered vultures. 

In case you're wondering, because I know I was, the little fella in the photo is a ring-tailed coatimundi.

If the photos weren't enough I came across no end of cute videos on their Instagram including this one of a vulture having a nice bath.

My son finishes up school tomorrow and I've been looking at places to visit over the holidays and Tayto Park is now officially on my list.

I really need to see all these animals living life to the max up close and in person.

They actually make them look so tasty that I'm going to root through our back catalog of food articles and find some cool ideas for the kids and I to chow down on this weekend.