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16th May 2015

The €160 swaddling wrap inspired by NASA spacesuits

Katie Mythen-Lynch

A US company has developed a swaddling blanket they claim keeps babies at the perfect temperature as they sleep.

The Little Lotus sleep sack was developed using NASA technology, which draws excess heat if your baby is too warm, and releases the warmth if they start to cool down. This means less temperature fluctuations and your baby staying more comfortable.

Embrace Innovations claim their product may even reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), which has been linked with babies being too warm or too cold.


The company has already raised almost $75,000 in Kickstarter funding and the blanket is expected to retail for around €158.

For every product purchased, a baby will be helped in a developing country by the Embrace infant warmer.

baby nap

Embrace was started in 2008 by a team of graduate students at Stanford, including co-founders Rahul Panicker and Jane Chen who were challenged to develop a baby incubator that costs less than 1% the cost of a traditional incubator. They created a product that uses a phase change material, similar to what’s used in the Little Lotus products, to keep give vulnerable babies the critical warmth they need.