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07th Jul 2018

This new Irish psychological drama is the TV show that will have EVERYONE talking

Because who doesn't love a bit of drama?

Keeley Ryan

Because who doesn’t love a good drama?

TV3 (or the soon-to-be-renamed Virgin Media Television) recently revealed their Autumn TV schedule – and there’s some absolutely deadly shows in store for the coming months.

And there’s already one show that has us absolutely hooked.

The psychological drama Blood follows a family in a small town in Ireland and…well, who better to explain it all than one of the stars themselves?

We sat down with Adrian Dunbar (aka: Line of Duty’s Superintendent Ted Hastings), one of the stars of the series, to get a bit more information about what to expect.

He told Her:

“It’s a family drama. It’s a father, mother and three children [in] a small town in Ireland that we all know.

“He’s the local doctor; they know everyone in the village sort of thing.

“His wife has got a motor neuron disease and she dies. The daughter who has been kind of estranged – she’s gone up to Dublin and she’s been living in Dublin for some time – she comes back after her mother dies.

“She starts looking at the circumstances [around] her mother’s death, and she starts to get suspicious about it.

“The reason she gets suspicious is, when she was much younger, as a little girl, she saw her father do something quite violent with someone else.

“That kind of shocked her. And for one reason or another, her family said to her: ‘no, that didn’t happen, you’re imagining it.’

“But she never forgot about it. It comes back at this point to haunt her.”

The question of did-he-or-didn’t-he isn’t one that is going to be resolved soon, as Adrian told us Blood will be “keeping the viewers on their toes”.

And each episode will end on a juicy twist.

Speaking at the Virgin Media Television upfronts, he explained:

“It’s got that kind of thriller aspect to it.

“As the series progresses and the circumstances change, you begin to think that maybe the father did kill the mother.

“Then maybe, you begin to wonder if maybe [the daughter] is going a bit over the top with what she’s saying.

“But then again, this happens, and it makes you feel a bit suspicious.

“It keeps going on like that, keeping the viewers on their toes.

“And at the end of each episode, something happens that makes you think: ‘oh my god, I was wrong all along.'”

Blood was written by Sophie Petzal (Red Rock, The Last Kingdom, Riviera) and produced by Jonathan Fisher (Midsomer Murders, Lewis).

The series is also being produced by Company Pictures and Element Pictures in association with Virgin Media Television and all3media international.

  • Blood is expected to premiere later this Autumn