The odd reason this baby photo was removed by Instagram 2 years ago

The odd reason this baby photo was removed by Instagram

Instagram's rules for what we can and can't post on the site can sometimes be confusing.

The site has caused controversy before, most notably their 'no female nipple' policy in images which paved the way for the Free The Nipple movement.

Now one blogger is claiming the site took down one of her images for a pretty odd reason.

Aussie mum Jordyn Jones often shares photos of her kids with her 92,000 followers on Instagram.

The odd reason this baby photo was removed by Instagram

A recent image she posted showed Jordyn's daughter Winter walking across a beach naked.

It was removed by Instagram after a number of complaints that the two-year-old looked sunburnt, Jordyn says.

But rather than the sun, the little girl's colour is down to an editing tool and her Aboriginal heritage, her mum told CafeMom.

"I saw no problem in posting it," she said.

"Even though she has no clothes on, the photo was taken from the side and there is nothing inappropriate showing."

The post attracted a number of angry comments before it was removed, with one follower even calling Jordyn a "horrible mother."

In a follow-up post on her stories, the blogger responded to her critics.

"My mother's side of the family is Aboriginal," she wrote.

"Winter identifies as Aboriginal and is blessed with her beautiful olive skin. Please refrain from messaging me with concerns regarding her skin. It is offensive and unwarranted. Winter is always lathered in Zinc."

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In her most recent post, Jordyn thanked her followers for their support during the controversy but said she'd think twice before posting again.

"We are of Aboriginal decent and we are proud of our heritage.

"I have learnt a lot from this experience and I won’t change the way I post but I will be more mindful of what I choose to share online

The photo is still down off Jordyn's page.