The Santa toy parents have been wrestling to find is finally back in stock 10 months ago

The Santa toy parents have been wrestling to find is finally back in stock

Have you heard of Jo Jo Siwa?

Well apparently, the Jo Jo Siwa Singing Doll is the most sought after dolly this year and especially now in the months leading up to Christmas.

Parents have been left searching high and low for the 25cm-tall doll (€29.99) who sings one of her very own tunes called Boomerang. She also boasts a whopping 5/5 stars on the Smyths toys website, so she must be fantastic.

The good news about the Jo Jo Siwa Doll is that Smyths have announced the much-wanted toy will be back in stores between 9 September and 6 October. Hurray! So best be sure and try to get your hands on one to avoid a gloomy Christmas morning!

We hear her brightly coloured bow is also a very big deal. Might want to note that one.


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So what's so special aboout Jo Jo the Doll? The product description reads: “The Singing Jo Jo Doll will inspire young girls to be themselves through empowering and uplifting positive play,” seemingly through the use of her poseable arms and legs, as well as her snazzy pink microphone, plus a grooming tool for her flowing blonde locks - a hairbrush. You’ll be glad to know that batteries are included too.

Jo Jo the doll has been modelled after the famed 14-year-old singer, dancer, actress and YouTube personality, Jo Jo Siwa from Nebraska. The young teen is well known among youngsters who watch her show Jo Jo Siwa: My World on the kids network, Nickelodeon. The teen made her TV debut on the series Dance Moms too.

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So there you have it, Jo Jo will be returning soon. And if all else fails, there might still be some available online. Stay strong, parents. Stay strong.