The Young Offenders is coming back to TV and here's what to expect 8 months ago

The Young Offenders is coming back to TV and here's what to expect

Conor and Jock return this week.

For every fan of The Young Offenders, there's probably an exact moment when you fell in love with Cork's most lovable langers and for many people, it was the moment when the two fecking eejits Conor (Alex Murphy) and Jock (Chris Walley) decide to jump off the pier in the film.

Thank Christ that auld lad was on hand to remind them that the water was probably only about 2 meters deep!

Well, while the TV show changed an awful lot from the beloved film, one thing remained the same, we saw the lads strip down into their jocks again and with Season 2 set to premiere on 3 November on BBC3, get ready to see more bare bums.

The BBC has released the first teaser for the new season of The Young Offenders and it appears that the lads have learned absolutely nothing!

Staling bikes, trying to put the blame on Billy Murphy by wearing that mask, getting chased by Gardaí through the streets of Cork, robbing stuff from shops, scrapping in fields.

All just another day in the life of Conor and Jock.

Thankfully, the wait is nearly over because Season 2 starts on 3 November on BBC3 and the new episodes will also be shown by RTÉ. At present, an Irish transmission date hasn't been announced yet by RTÉ but we're expecting one soon.

Take a look at what's in store.

 We can't wait for this!