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01st Mar 2018

There could be up to ‘one metre of snow’ in parts of Ireland tonight

Cathy Donohue

Storm Emma has taken hold and if you listened to the earlier government warning, you’re safe indoors at this moment.

Although there were questions over how bad the storm would actually be, it has proved just as bad as expected with the current weather posing a threat of “risk to life”.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Six One news this evening, Evelyn Cusack, said there could be exceptionally high amounts of snow in eastern parts of Wicklow and southern Dublin overnight, potentially up to one metre.

Evelyn Cusack of @MetEireann says up to one metre of snow could fall along the east of the country #StormEmma

The Deputy Head of Forecasting for RTÉ said that today could be meteorologically termed as an ice day because the temperature didn’t rise above freezing in any part of Ireland.

There’s also a risk of flooding in the greater Dublin area which will be monitored continuously by the national forecaster.

Most transport services have been cancelled until Saturday, Ryanair and Aer Lingus flights have been cancelled until Saturday, and there are a number of ESB outages.

Emergency services continue to work tonight and their efforts have been praised by people recognising the important and dangerous work they do.