The weather is going to be horrible in parts of the country tomorrow 1 year ago

The weather is going to be horrible in parts of the country tomorrow

There's horrible weather in store for parts of the country tomorrow.

As if Wednesdays weren't painful enough, it's also going to be a nasty day tomorrow although some counties will be more impacted than others.

There was heavy rain in Dublin on Sunday night, thankfully it eased off for Monday morning but it's back with a bang tomorrow.

According to the current forecast, Leinster and Ulster are going to experience the worst of it.


Met Éireann predicts:

"Rain in the southeast will spread across Leinster and Ulster tomorrow morning. There is a risk of heavy rain for a time on east coasts".

Simply put, it's going to absolutely lash in the east tomorrow or so the latest forecast suggests anyway. Other parts of the country will get rain too but only "occasional showers".

That's not all either for temperatures will drop overnight on Wednesday and there's a risk of frost, in other words, horrible weather overall.

As you can see, it's started already.

Here's what you can expect:

 "Turning cool in the evening or early night with lowest temperatures falling to between 3 and 6 degrees and some frost".

However, it's going to improve a little bit from then on.


Although there will be scattered showers in places, sunny weather is also on the cards.

Coastal areas will be impacted by the rain on Thursday but it's likely to be dry further inland although that rain will spread southwest overnight.

Apart from that "winds will be moderate southerly and top temperatures should reach around 9 to 11 degrees".

As always, these conditions are subject to change.