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09th Nov 2018

Certain parts of the country are going to get heavy showers tomorrow

Cathy Donohue

Certain parts of the country are going to get nasty weather tomorrow.

If you have plans for the weekend, you might want to consult the weather forecast because certain parts of the country are going to experience heavy showers tomorrow.

According to the latest update from Met Éireann, the south and west are set to experience ‘frequent showers’ tomorrow along with south or southwest winds.

Overnight, areas on the Atlantic coast will experience most of the rain which will be heavy in places and there’s also a slight risk of hail and thunder.

Fun times.


Oh, and it’s not great if you’re in the west because those aforementioned showers are likely to turn into “longer spells of rain” on during the day Saturday which might put a stop to any outdoor activities you might have had planned.

There will be “southwest winds moderate to fresh in strength” but they’re likely to be strong along coastal areas.


The good news is that the nasty weather is set to improve on Sunday with dry weather in most places although again, coastal areas may experience “showery rain”.

So to sum up, it won’t be the most pleasant of weekends and you can check out the forecast in full on the official Met Éireann website here.