There's a key message in Incredibles 2 and it's about YOU mum and dad! 4 years ago

There's a key message in Incredibles 2 and it's about YOU mum and dad!

Brought to you by Disney Studios Ireland. 

We've waited 14 years but at last, our favourite, most remarkable family is BACK.

INCREDIBLES 2 hit cinemas across the country Friday, and lucky sods like ourselves are in for an absolute treat.

Never the creators to disappoint, Disney Pixar have brought back Elistigirl (mum, Helen Parr), Mr Incredible (that's Bob Parr) and the kids - Violet (currently suffering teenage woes), Dashiell (pure mischief), and baby Jack-Jack (highly dangerous, yet utterly adorable). And it's everything it's cracked up to be.

The hysterical, laugh-out loud moments, a superbly written script and a unique storyline brings a very key message - and that's just how incredible parents are. INCREDIBLES 2 does a perfect take on the ultra modern family - the constant juggling, the career decisions both parents must take, the arguments that tear the house down and the ability to forget or laugh it all off because, well, that's what families do.

The story goes like this: Mum (Elastigirl) is called to lead a mega campaign to bring Supers (characters who have super powers) back into society.

Mum (a former superhero herself) finds that even after a few years of minding the kids and being away from the rat race, she can still bend, flex, twist and stretch as much as is needed to solve any tricky situation.

But really, she learns she never actually lost that superhero status.


Her powers had simply adapted into ones that were needed to thrive in a household environment. And yep, you guessed it - this time around dad needs to stay at home minding the kids.

A learning experience for Bob, because as incredible as he is, Bob has yet to master maths homework (in fairness, what an absolute bane), Jack-Jack's spitting of fire flames, Violet's moody teenage moments (a little understanding is key, we think) and Dashiell's endless supply of energy (endless being the key word here).

Sound familiar?

We don't want to give too much away but INCREDIBLES 2 HAS to be in the running for the most enjoyable, thrilling, and spellbinding movie of the year.

Already it's breaking records and has won the spot for highest-grossing animated movie of all time (to no surprise!)

There's only one place for the entire family to be this evening - the nearest cinema - and you can grab your tickets right here.

Brought to you by Disney Studios Ireland.