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23rd Sep 2018

There’s another cheating storyline coming up on Corrie soon and ah, god really?

Jade Hayden

Look, we know – it wouldn’t be Coronation Street without a bit of drama.

But surely serial killers, multiple deaths, kidnappings, and cases of mistaken identity are enough, no?

Do we really need a load of couples to be splitting up, cheating on each other, and essentially having a horrible time? Isn’t there enough heartache in this world?

Apparently not, because Corrie writers are making Steve cheat on Tracy and nothing is sacred anymore.

(But also, were things ever sacred with Steve, really? The lad’s been married about 80 times.)

It all happens when, in the lead up to their (second) big day, Tracy tries to quell Steve’s nerves by offering him a ‘free pass’ – to a spa.

But, Steve being Steve, takes this to mean a free pass to get with someone else before he gets married because, you know, he hasn’t been around the block enough already.

While Steve’s making his move though (because he does – he actually does this ahead of his marriage to Tracy), he’s caught out by Peter Barlow who is obviously none too plussed about the whole situation given that Tracy is his actual sister.

The only thing we don’t yet know about this whole scenario is who the *ahem* lucky lady is.

And, to be honest, at this stage, it could literally be anybody.