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22nd May 2017

There’s bad news on the Downton Abbey movie front

Laura Holland


A few months back it looked like we were getting closer to a Downton Abbey movie. Jim Carter, who plays Mr Carson, had said that all the main cast were told to hold dates even though there was no script:

“This is the third degree – we’ve been asked to keep ourselves available for dates in the future, that’s an exclusive, but no one has seen a script.”

But now, Hugh Bonneville has dashed all our hopes after saying that a movie is “unlikely”. According to Breaking News, he was speaking at the Chelsea Flower Show when he said:

“There is no script that I have read, or any deal in place, for a Downton movie, so I think it is hugely unlikely.

But of course I would love to do it, I think everybody would.”

The executive producer of the show, Gareth Neame, had previously said that himself and the show’s creator Julian Fellowes were interested in making the series into a movie but that there was a lot to work out.

He said, “Julian and I would like to make the movie. We’re having detailed thinking about it all.

“But there’s a lot to be worked out. Turning a TV show into a movie is not straightforward, it doesn’t happen very often and it’s not uncomplicated.”