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23rd Dec 2021

These 100-year-old Santa letters are both hilarious and heartwarming

'Bring me lots of fireworks that wont blow a boy's hands off.'

Anna O'Rourke

“A hundred dollars worth of peanuts.”

What did you ask Santa for when you were little? A Mr Frosty? A Cabbage Patch Doll? A Furby?

How about a box of ducks and frogs, some fireworks or a pack of cigarettes?

They’re some of the things that children wanted for Christmas over one hundred years ago.

Julia Ross Suits runs @TweetsOfOld, a Twitter account where she shares ‘one-liners’ from old regional newspapers across the US.

The account has shared snippets of what kids across the States wrote to Santa in letters from the late 1800s and early 1900s… and they’re a great read.

While some of the letters contained hilarious demands, others showed some kids were selflessly hoping the magic of Christmas could help them to help others. Take a look.

The most-desired presents might have changed over time but one thing remains: the random and specificity of kids:

Some of the messages heartbreakingly show the mix of innocence and responsibility that past children had to bear:

Others, meanwhile, are just a bit mad – and bravely honest: