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25th Jul 2019

These are the 10 best-selling IKEA products in Ireland

IKEA is marking a massive milestone this week.

The Swedish furniture giant is celebrating 10 years since it first opened its doors in Ireland.

Since it opened on July 27, 2009, more than 30 million visits have been made to IKEA’s flagship store in Ballymun.

Research conducted on behalf of the company found that 65 per cent of adults in Ireland have at least one IKEA product in their home.

ikea rent

One in four people who were surveyed said that IKEA was their go-to when moving into a new home, with another 21 per cent saying they visited the furniture giant when planning their first home with their partner.

This intrinsic link with key moments in people’s everyday lives also extends into parenthood. Parents in Ireland are big fans of IKEA, as 70 per cent of Irish parents stated that they have IKEA products in their home.

To celebrate 10 years since they opened their flagship store in Ballymun, IKEA have revealed the products which people in Ireland by the most.

Top 10 IKEA products sold in Ireland (based on volume) this year are: 

  1. FRAKTA carrier bag
  2. ISTAD resealable bags
  3. OFTAST plates
  4. SINNLIG scented candles
  5. OFTAST bowls
  6. FANTASTISK paper napkins
  7. RIBBA frame
  8. SAMLA storage boxes
  9. OFTAST side plates
  10. POKAL glasses

Top 10 IKEA products sold in Ireland (based on € sales) this year are: 

  1. KALLAXshelving unit
  2. MICKEdesk
  3. MALMchest 4 drawer
  4. MALMchest 6 drawer
  5. MALMdresser
  6. RIBBAframe
  7. ISTADresealable bags
  8. HEMNESday bed
  9. HÖVÅGmattress (medium firm)
  10. HÖVÅGmattress (firm)

Top 10 bestselling IKEA products in Ireland over the last 5 years (2015-2019) based on € sales are:  

  1. KALLAX Shelving Unit 77x147cm
  2. HEMNES daybed
  3. MICKE desk
  4. RIBBA frame
  5. MALM chest 4 drawer
  6. KALLAX shelving unit 77x77cm
  7. MALM dressing table
  8. MALM chest 6 drawer
  9. HÖVÅG mattress (medium firm)
  10. PAX wardrobe

Top 10 bestselling IKEA products in Ireland over the last 5 years (2015-2019) based on volume are: 

  1. FRAKTA carrier bag
  2. OFTAST plate
  3. SINNLIG scented candle
  4. POKAL glass
  5. OFTAST bowl
  6. FANTASTISK paper napkin
  7. OFTAST side plate
  8. ISTAD resealable bags
  9. VÄSNAS tealight holder
  10. SAMLA lid for box